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    When traveling on business and leisure, God talks about the sensor (91)

    Release Date:2023-03-27      Click on the quantity:361

    It is cold in spring, after all, it is spring, and although there are many clothes, it is not cotton. Yesterday, from the slightly colder ancient city of Xi'an, we took a high-speed railway through the Qinling Mountains, the north-...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (14)

    Release Date:2023-03-26      Click on the quantity:329

    March 24 is the 12th anniversary of the establishment of Shaanxi Internet of things Industry Alliance, and it is also a day for people in the field of Shaanxi Internet of things industry to celebrate. If from August 7, 2009, Wuxi b...

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    God talks about sensors during business trips and leisure time (90)

    Release Date:2023-03-11      Click on the quantity:332

    My friends often ask me, what is a low-end sensor? What is a high-end sensor? What is a standard sensor? What is a good sensor? What is an advanced sensor? To tell you the truth, it is still difficult to answer these questions perfectl...

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    When traveling on business and leisure, God talks about the sensor (89)

    Release Date:2023-03-06      Click on the quantity:336

    In the past six years since its establishment in Shanghai, China Sensor Internet of things Industry Alliance has continuously promoted the development of China's sensor and Internet of things industry, making more people realize the ne...

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    Release Date:2023-02-09      Click on the quantity:362

    Due to the impact of the epidemic and the long-lost Spring Festival reunion, I have not left Xi'an on business in the past three months. Today opened the first business trip since 2023, destination. Chengdu, Chengdu, the kingdom of Shu...

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    God chatting Sensor in his spare time during Business Travel (87)

    Release Date:2022-11-19      Click on the quantity:3438

    When it comes to the problem of dredging and finding blockage points in crude oil pipelines, a friend's official account replied that he talked about the solution of pipeline robots, which may give us an inspiration. The scope of sensi...