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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (12)

    Release Date:2022-10-22      Click on the quantity:3244

    The 20th CPC National Congress, which has been held for six days, has ended today, and the bugle of "Chinese-style modernization" has been sounded. I wonder whether the nucleic acid in Xi'an has been made for nine days or ten days. The...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (11)

    Release Date:2022-10-07      Click on the quantity:3297

    Patter, intermittent, sometimes small continuous autumn rain in Xi'an National Day holiday "soft" into a long journey of time. The abominable COVID-19 epidemic is intertwined with bleak autumn wind, which makes the streets of the ancie...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (10)

    Release Date:2022-09-25      Click on the quantity:3298

    The Autumn Equinox arrives in autumn wind and rain. The sky is high and cloudy in Chang'an. In my spare time, walking on the street, I occasionally see autumn flowers scattered all over the ground on the newly dried sidewalk. It ...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (9)

    Release Date:2022-08-28      Click on the quantity:3380

    In the dog days of 2022, the whole country was full of "hot air", there were "fire" everywhere, and air conditioning became the "half life" of more than half of the Chinese people. This is especially true in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, wh...

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    When traveling on business and leisure, God talks about the sensor (85)

    Release Date:2022-08-12      Click on the quantity:3265

    Today, August 11, 2022, the Beginning of Autumn has been for several days. Xi'an only shows the flavor of autumn in the past two days. It is cooler in the morning and evening than at noon. I hope the heat in Xi'an will disappear t...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (8)

    Release Date:2022-08-01      Click on the quantity:3258

    Last week, the weather in Chongqing was stuffy and hot, and for people living in Xi'an for a long time, it was like a steamer of "Turkish sauna" version; the epidemic in Chongqing was dotted and uninterrupted; and the backbone of the i...