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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(105)

    Release Date:2024-01-19      Click on the quantity:126

    Appreciate the first heavy snowfall in Xi'an in 2024, and breathe in the ancient city where the air becomes moist due to a new snowfall. Using the 2024 new calendar for over ten days, this is the first business trip of the ye...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (18)

    Release Date:2023-12-09      Click on the quantity:124

    Today, December 9th, during the heavy snow season, it is difficult to find any snow in Xi'an. Instead, the weather has warmed up, like late autumn. However, all the golden leaves of the ginkgo tree have fallen to the ground, and...

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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(104)

    Release Date:2023-12-08      Click on the quantity:128

    Yesterday was still a busy day. In the morning, I attended the 2023 meeting of Shaanxi Instrument and Watch Society and the establishment meeting of the Industrial Internet of Things Special Committee in Xi'an High tech Zone, and...

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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(103)

    Release Date:2023-11-30      Click on the quantity:136

    As an expert member of the China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance, I flew to Chongqing today at the invitation of China Mobile Internet of Things Company. Tomorrow afternoon, we will give a lecture on "Sensors, Intellig...

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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(102)

    Release Date:2023-11-23      Click on the quantity:137

    Today, I took the high-speed train from Xi'an West Station to Chengdu to attend the Western (Chengdu) Intelligent Sensor Ecological Development Conference. The Xi'an High Speed Rail West Station does have too few customers, and ...

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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(101)

    Release Date:2023-11-13      Click on the quantity:129

    Yesterday, Guge released the 100th issue of the official account article of the series "God Talk, Drama Talk, Sensor". In Shenzhen, a positive and vibrant city, driven by the platform of the China Sensor and Internet of Thi...