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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(100)

    Release Date:2023-11-11      Click on the quantity:122

    Arriving at Terminal T3 of Xianyang Airport today, I sat down and naturally picked up my phone. I wanted to continue writing "God Talks, Drama Talks, and Sensors". As soon as the title changed, I unknowingly wrote 100 episodes. Time fl...

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    Small Talk about Sensor While Travelling(99)

    Release Date:2023-10-22      Click on the quantity:109

    It's been two months since I last wrote a casual essay on "God Talks, Drama Talks, Sensors". A kind-hearted friend asked, when can I write the 100th article? I think it's better to follow one's heart and desires, to book at any...

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    Hi! Shaanxi Internet of things (17)

    Release Date:2023-09-07      Click on the quantity:323

    An autumn rain washed the dry and hot ancient city; an autumn wind blew away the hot elements, and Xi'an ushered in a crisp and poetic early autumn.July and August in Xi'an are the hottest seasons of the year, and the Internet of thing...

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    When traveling on business and leisure, God talks about the sensor (98)

    Release Date:2023-08-03      Click on the quantity:349

    Baoji, Shaanxi Province, exactly a month after the "Smart Sensor Forum" organized by the Sensor Branch of China instrument Association, today ushered in the "2023 Sensor Summit Forum" organized by the sensitive components and senso...

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    When traveling on business and leisure, God talks about the sensor (97)

    Release Date:2023-07-27      Click on the quantity:331

    Flying from the "hot and dry" ancient city of Xi'an to the "hot and humid" city of Wuhan, I left the terminal in less than two minutes, and my whole body seemed to be covered with sweat. Brother Gu, as a man from the north, is still no...

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    Hi, Shaanxi Internet of things (16)

    Release Date:2023-07-06      Click on the quantity:346

    In the twinkling of an eye, the calendar paper of June 30, 2023 has been torn off and gently thrown into the dustbin. Sighs and sighs, excitement and depression, joy and sorrow, reality and ideals, no matter how many emotions, all pass...