CS-iTLLS-05Wireless Level Sensor
Support LoRaWAN, NB-IoT transmission. It is powered by battery, and features easy mounting, long battery life, high detection accuracy and stable operation.

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
Model Selection Guide

Product Introduction

The wireless level sensor is monitoring device for liquid level in water towers, ponds, water tanks, fuel tanks, underpasses and underpass tunnels. It can monitor the liquid level in real time and report the data to the management platform via the wireless network. When the liquid level is higher or lower than the alarm value or the safe range, it triggers an alarm. The management personnel can notice the alarm and deal with it at the first time, thereby facilitating maintenance and avoiding the loss of lives and property.

The wireless liquid level sensor powered by external electricity is suitable for a variety of applications.


Figure#1 Wireless Level Sensor


Working principle

The wireless liquid level sensor uses a pressure sensor to periodically collect the current liquid level height. When the liquid level height is higher or lower than the alarm threshold (configurable), the alarm will be triggered and sent to the management platform through the wireless network.

The level sampling time, the interval report time, the alarm reporting time, and the alarm threshold can be configured by the users.

Main technical parameters

The main technical indicators are shown in Table 1

Table#1 Main technical parameters



The dimensions of the wireless liquid level sensor are shown in Figure 2.


Figure#2 Dimension of housing ( unit: mm )





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