CS-iTVP-05Wireless Parking Sensor
LORAWAN and NB-IOT,low-power design with high detection rate, stable operation, no wiring, easy installation, and simple maintenance

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
Model Selection Guide

Product Introduction

The CS-iTVP-05 series of wireless parking sensors use an anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor to monitor changes in the magnetic field on the parking space and determine whether the parking space is occupied or free. It is connected to the gateway or network coordinator by various transmission methods such as LORAWAN and NB-IOT, and then transmitted to the server through 4G/Ethernet.

The battery-powered sensor features a low-power design with high detection rate, stable operation, no wiring, easy installation, and simple maintenance, widely used on indoor parking lots, roadside parking lots, open parking lots, and illegal parking detection applications.

Working principle

The static strength of the Earth's magnetic field is between 0.5 and 0.6 Gauss, and its intensity is constant over a certain area (approximately several kilometers). Ferromagnetic objects, such as cars, can disturb nearby magnetic fields. The magnetoresistive sensor is used to measure the change of the magnetic field strength, thereby judging the state of the parking space.

Product Types

Depending on the installation method, the product has two types: surface/ground type and underground type.

Main technical parameters

Table 1 Main technical parameters



Outline structure

The dimensions of the surface/ground parking sensor are shown in Figure 1. The underground parking sensor is shown in Figure 2.


Figure#1 Ground-type parking sensor


Figure#2 Underground-type parking sensor





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