CS-iWPT-304Temperature and Pressure Transmitter
LCD display enables easy numerical reading,3.6V lithium battery power supply,Pressure & Temperature integrated measurement,Ultra low power consumption ≤ 15uA,Battery life ≥ 2 years

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
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The Wireless Pressure & Temperature Monitor is mainly used in the integrated pressure and temperature monitoring of oil, steam, heating,etc. in pipeline and Realizes NB-IOT wireless remote transmission of data to the management platform.When the pipeline pressure is lower than or higher than the alarm threshold, the alarm information will be reported to the NS cloud platform or operator base station, and the manager will obtain the information at the first time and handle the site quickly, so as to facilitate the equipment management and maintenance, protect the personal safety and reduce the property loss.

Considering the possible leakage risk, laser welding technology is used for the part of sensor contacting with natural gas, and multiple leak detection processes are used in the production process to prevent the risk of leakage.

At the same time,the monitor is designed in consideration of various complex environments at the installation site. The shell is made of explosion-proof aluminum alloy. The product meets the requirements of explosion-proof design and is suitable for various applications of wireless pressure and temperature integrated monitoring. The sensor and antenna are integrated with explosion-proof shell to prevent corrosion and accidental damage.

The monitor has the following characteristics:

①LCD display enables easy numerical reading

②3.6V lithium battery power supply

③Pressure & Temperature integrated measurement

④Ultra low power consumption ≤ 15uA,Battery life ≥ 2 years

⑤Upper and lower limit alarm threshold configurable

⑥Sampling and sending interval configurable

Technical parameters

The main technical indicators of the wireless pressure & temperature monitor are shown in Table 1.  

Table 1  Main parameters


Note 1:

The battery life is measured and calculated based on the following conditions:

①Room temperature

②Battery capacity: 9000 mAH

③Regular reporting: reporting cycle 24h; network access time less than 15s

④Sampling and LCD display: sampling period is 10min; LCD is on for 10s without backlight







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