CS-PT500Differential Pressure Transmitter
● Diffusion silicon-filled oil core with stainless steel 316L isolation diaphragm,● Stainless steel structure, and Max. static pressure up to 20MPa

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
Model Selection Guide


CS-PT500 differential pressure transducer is produced by putting OEM differential pressure sensor into full-sealed housing with pressure port for both positive and negative cavities. The differential pressure transducer could be mounted into measuring tube through pressure port or leading tube. 

It is cable connection. CS-PT500 differential pressure transducer could be widely used in industrial process control, flow measure, medical device, air dynamical measure and liquid pressure instrument or pneumatic plant, etc.

Product Features

● Diffusion silicon-filled oil core with stainless steel 316L isolation diaphragm

● Stainless steel structure, and Max. static pressure up to 20MPa

● Temperature compensation and aging screening

● Full solid insulation, high stability, reliability and accuracy

● Compact size

● Liquid, gas and other media differential pressure measurement

● Explosion-proof products in line with GB3836.4 standard ExiaII.CT6 requirements


● Flow measurement

● Sewage treatment

● Mine downwind differential pressure

● Water level difference of hydropower station

● Urban flood control and drainage

● Underwater engineering

● Groundwater monitoring

● Water-saving irrigation

Performance specifications

Test condition,Temperature: 25℃; power supply: 12VDC ; relative humidity: 45%~75%; ambient atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106KPa


Note1:For products with a static/difference pressure ratio greater than 10 times, please consult the manufacturer.

Structure and Dimension (mm)


Electrical connection(DIN 43650A)






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