Congrats! Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd.,was rated as the "chain master" enterprise of Xi 'an IOT industrial chain
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      Recently, by the Xi 'an Key industry chain promotion work Leading Group Office announced the "Xi 'an Key industry chain promotion Work Leading Group Office on the announcement of Xi 'an key industry chain" chain master "enterprise list (the first batch) notice has been officially issued. Zhongxing Measurement and Control was rated as the "chain master" enterprise of the IOT industry chain in Xi 'an, which indicates that the outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd., in the field of IOT have been highly recognized by the relevant municipal departments.


    As an enterprise committed to the innovation, development and application of the IOT(smart city/smart manu  facturing field) and smart sensor technology, we firmly believe that the IOT technology will lead the intelligent and connected society in the future, and have always insisted on exploring the development and application of new technologies of the Internet of Things, along the way there are hardships and honors. The project of "Real-time monitoring Technology and Application of dangerous Goods Transportation on Road Based on Multi-source Sensors" won the first prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province; Intelligent fall alarm won the third prize of Chinese Electronics Society; Smart Block integrated solution won the second prize of Shaanxi Internet of Things Excellent Products and Solutions in 2017; Intelligent gas regulator monitoring and monitoring system won the second prize of 2018 Shaanxi IOT Excellent products and solutions; Won the 2018 "Star of the Internet of Things" Most Influential IOT Sensor Enterprise Award assessed by China IOT Industry Application Alliance; It has won the title of China's innovative sensor TOP 10/20 for three consecutive years. And this time to becom the "chain master" enterprise of Xi 'an IOT industrial chain, more firmly our important position in the field of IOT.

     As the "chain master" enterprise of the IOT industrial chain in Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd.,will continue to play an active leading role in stabilizing the industrial chain, optimizing the supply chain, upgrading thevalue chain, and promoting the integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, providing strong support for the construction of a strong industrial city.