General Manager of Chinastar Won the "Technology Master Award" of China Mobile Internet of Things
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      Recently, Gu Rongxiang, General Manager of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd., Won the "Technology Master Award" of China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD. (referred to as "CMIOT"). The award is designed to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of iot and promote technical exchanges and cooperation within the industry.

   281711616682317618.jpeg        As an expert member of CMIOT Alliance, General Manager Gu Rongxiang has a deep academic background and rich practical experience in the field of IOT. He has not only made remarkable achievements in technology research and development, but also actively promoted the popularization and application of IOT technology. This award is not only a recognition of his personal technical ability, but also an affirmation of his contribution to the IOT and even the entire IOT industry.


     It is worth mentioning that General Manager Gu Rongxiang was invited to give an internal speech to CMIOT. In his speech, he focused on sharing the "Sensors · Smart Sensors and the Development Trend of the IOT" to the employees of the IOT, explaining the basic principle of sensor technology, the important role of smart sensors in the IOT, and the broad prospects of IOT technology in the future society. The presentation was highly appreciated by the employees present, providing valuable industry insight and technical guidance

      With the rapid development of IOT technology, smart sensors, as an important part of the IOT, are playing an increasingly important role. In the future development, General Manager Gu Rongxiang will continue to work with CMIOT to jointly promote the innovation and development of IOT technology, and contribute to the construction of a smart society and the realization of sustainable development.



     Since the establishment of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd.,  in 1996, General Manager Gu Rongxiang has been focusing on the exploration and research in the field of sensors and IOT, and has composed the hardships and achievements of nearly 30 years into a beautiful song "My Chinastar Dream".