Huicheng Telecom And Youfang Technology Visit Chinastar M&C - Investigation, Exchange And Common Development
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        From July 6 to 7, leaders of Xi'an Huichen Telecom Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Neoway technology company visited Chinastar M&C respectively.


On July 6, chairman ran Yu of Xi'an Huichen Telecom Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited.


On July 7, Wang Kang, chairman of Shenzhen Neoway technology company, and his delegation visited.

        Huichen Telecom is a leading wireless network service company in China. Neoway technology is at the domestic leading level in the fields of access cloud, pipeline cloud, wireless communication module, etc. Chinastar M&C has conducted in-depth discussion and exchange with the two companies on the cooperation opportunities and directions in their respective areas of focus, hoping to integrate resources upstream and downstream of the IOT industrial chain to achieve win-win cooperation.