The On-site Observation Meeting of Xi'an Emergency Management Innovation Measures Was Successfully Held in The High tech Zone, and Chinastar M&C Was Reviewed Here
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       On June 30, Xi'an Emergency Management Bureau held an on-site observation meeting on the city's innovative measures of emergency management in the high tech Zone. The "smart well cover" integrated management system independently developed and produced by Chinastar M&C was jointly reviewed by the leaders of Xi'an Emergency Management Bureau, housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, market supervision bureau, and emergency management bureaus of all districts and counties in Xi'an.



       Weilifeng, the marketing director of Chinastar M&C Internet of things, made a report for all leaders at the scene, explaining in detail the components (hardware terminal, software platform), application background, application examples and other contents of the "smart manhole cover" integrated management system, and conducted a live demonstration on the emergency command platform and the park of Ziwei property in the high tech Zone.



       In order to better receive the inspection, Chinastar M&C has installed our well cover sensors on 49 well covers of various types, such as rain and sewage wells, thermal wells, power wells, water supply wells, etc. in the Ziwei property area of the high tech Zone two months in advance, and connected to the platform for daily real-time supervision, so as to timely find and deal with hidden dangers such as well cover changes, underground liquid level overruns, underground gas leakage, etc.



       The "smart manhole cover" integrated management system mainly monitors the manhole cover on-line 24 hours a day through the abnormal movement sensor. When the manhole cover is tilted, missing, broken and other abnormalities, it will be reported to the supervision platform in time, and the platform will trigger automatic order dispatch. The maintenance personnel will locate the abnormal manhole cover through their mobile phones, deal with the abnormalities in time and feed back to the supervision platform to form a closed loop of manhole cover maintenance. At the same time, the platform can realize big data analysis and provide scientific data basis for urban management safety plan.In addition, we have developed a series of well cover products, such as well cover change + water level over limit sensor, well cover change + harmful gas or combustible gas sensor, well cover change + water immersion sensor, etc., to monitor the state of well cover and monitor the safety state of underground pipe network in real time.

       The use of the "smart manhole cover" integrated management system can effectively reduce the cost of manual inspection, improve the efficiency of manhole cover safety management, and prevent the occurrence of unsafe accidents. The annual sales volume of "smart manhole covers" products of Chinastar M&C has reached 50000 units, and the business involves more than 30 countries and regions, as well as more than 60 cities in 25 provinces in China.



       Zhang Jian, director of the risk monitoring and comprehensive disaster reduction division of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, introduced at the observation meeting that the construction of the "smart manhole cover" project is of great significance for exploring and solving major problems in urban public security risk control, improving the level of urban intrinsic safety, better protecting the safety of people's lives and property, and helping the high-quality development of the city.


       The on-site observation meeting of Xi'an's innovative measures of emergency management has attracted the attention of media from all walks of life. At present, dozens of media, including Xi'an release, Xi'an news network, sunshine network, Xinhuanet, Huashang network, CNR, Netease Shaanxi, Tencent News, China News Network Shaanxi, Fenghuang network Shaanxi, Sina highlights, Xixi news, Qin Wen, Xi'an business network, ersanli, have released relevant news, "small well covers, great people's livelihood", Pay attention to Chinastar M&C, and pay attention to the "black technology" of urban management.