Xi'an Ubiquitous Engineering Innovation Consortium of IoT Was Awarded The License by The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau
Release Date:2022-06-28   Click on the quantity:3809
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        Recently, Xi'an ubiquitous engineering innovation consortium of the Internet of things led by Xi'an Chinastar M&C Ltd. was awarded a license by Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau.


        Xi'an IOT ubiquitous engineering innovation consortium is composed of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Ltd., Xi'an Aerospace Automation Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Xinke IOT Industrial Service Co., Ltd., Xi'an iHelp wearable Electronics Co., Ltd., Xi'an Datang Telecom Co., Ltd., Xi'an University of Posts and telecommunications, Xi'an xunteng Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi topsol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Xi'an Yousheng Technology Industry Co., Ltd., Xi'an nuobida Software Technology Co., Ltd. and other 10 units are established. It is an industry university research technology innovation and application platform with market mechanism as the link and undertaking key core technology research in the industrial chain as the main task.

         We will take qinchuangyuan industrial chain as the main purpose, actively carry out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the innovation of system and mechanism, promote the industrialization and large-scale application of new technologies, enhance the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of key industries in our city, and promote the deep integration of innovation chain and industrial chain.