1 Minute to Show You The Dynamics of Chinastar M&C Today
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News One


        On the morning of May 7, the leaders of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the international port district came to Chinastar M&C to visit and negotiate. Gu Rongxiang, chairman and general manager of Chinastar M&C, personally received the visitors. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development trend of intelligent sensors, intelligent manufacturing and the development prospect of smart cities.



        After the meeting, general manager Gu Rongxiang introduced our main products to the guests in the exhibition hall, such as inertial sensors, pressure sensors / transmitters and Internet of things sensors, especially the MCS high-end industrial pressure sensor that Chinastar M&C has devoted itself to research and development for many years. It is 100% domestic and self controllable. It has obtained three national invention patents and two utility model patents, which can be widely used in fluid pressure measurement in a variety of harsh environments, such as aviation, aerospace, navigation High speed railway, coal mine, petrochemical and other fields.

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News Two


        On the morning of May 7, President Feng of Ziwei property company and his party came to Chinastar M&C for negotiation and exchange. Nie gangbo, deputy general manager of Chinastar M&C sales, and Wei Lifeng, marketing director of Internet of things, received the visitors. The two sides exchanged views on the development and application trend of Internet of things products.


        Wei Lifeng, marketing director of Chinastar M&C Internet of things, introduced our main Internet of things products and supporting solutions to the guests, such as smart Park, smart well cover, urban waterlogging, smart parking, smart fire fighting, smart sanitation, etc.


        This exchange and discussion has further deepened the understanding and cooperation between the two sides and gained a clearer understanding of Internet of things products. It is believed that the future cooperation between the two sides will further promote the development and application of animal networking industry chain.