Gu Rongxiang,Chairman Of Chinastar M&C Was Invited To Participate In The "Shaanxi IOT Industry Chain Yangtze River Delta Cooperation Exchange Meeting"
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       The "Shaanxi IoT Industry Chain Yangtze River Delta Cooperation and Exchange Meeting" was held in the morning of November 1 in online form, and Xi'an was the main venue of this meeting.Gu Rongxiang, Chairman and General Manager of Chinastar M&C was invited to attend and gave a speech entitled "Tackling the key core of sensors to achieve the multiplication of IoT applications", which received the attention of participants from both places.


(Gu Rongxiang, Chairman and General Manager of Chinastar M&C and Chairman of Shaanxi IOT Industry Alliance, made an exchange speech)

       In the speech, Chairman Gu Rongxiang firstly introduced many core technologies of Zhongxing measurement and control in the field of sensors/IoT, such as high-end MCS pressure sensors, a number of wireless intelligent sensors, inertial sensors and "filial piety first" iHelp intelligent alarm for elderly fall and smart neighborhood system platform and other Zhongxing measurement and control advantageous products, and then focused on the introduction of six IoT systems: smart neighborhood/zone management system, manhole cover intelligent management system, urban flooding intelligent supervision system, large equipment status monitoring system, "care for the elderly" monitoring system.

       At the same time, as the chairman of Shaanxi IOT industry alliance, Chairman Gu Rongxiang introduced in detail the characteristics of Shaanxi IOT industry and market, hoping that Yangtze River Delta enterprises invest in Shaanxi and form an advantageous industrial chain with Shaanxi IOT industry chain to jointly develop Shaanxi market, western market, national and even global market.



       After the meeting, Chairman Gu Rongxiang also accepted an interview with Shaanxi TV, and in the interview expressed the hope that more Yangtze River Delta enterprises understand the current situation of Shaanxi IOT industry development, while some of our good products can also be promoted to the Yangtze River Delta region.