The First Phase of Innovative Thinking Training Activity of Chinastar M&C Was Successfully Held
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        On September 4, Dr. Lu Bainian, general consultant of innovative design thinking (China) Research Institute, was specially invited by Chinastar M&C to carry out the first innovative thinking training for the management of the company.


        Dr. Lu used a warm-up game to tell you the difference between traditional brainstorming and parallel thinking brainstorming, and described in detail the nine rules of brainstorming. Then, through the interactive game, let you find the key problems, take the pain point bottleneck as the starting point, refer to cases and decompose objectives, and finally design a set of innovative scheme that can help Chinastar M&C double its performance.


        Group games and mysterious sticky notes interact. Everyone expresses their opinions and discusses with each other. Sticky notes are covered with whiteboards in order to find problems and pain points to achieve our goals.


        Analyze the organizational structure of large international companies, discuss how to provide high-quality services to customers, decompose objectives and find solutions.


        During our careful study and heated discussion, the training time of one day passed in a flash. Through Dr. Lu's explanation, we have a deeper understanding of the goal of doubling our performance. Although the time is short, the prototype of the innovative scheme has been formed, and we look forward to the training next week.