The President of Ningbo IoT Association and His Delegation Visited Chinastar to Explore New IoT Technologies Together
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      On January 9th, the President of Ningbo Internet of Things Association and his delegation visited Chinastar for exchange and visit, aiming to gain a deeper understanding and explore new technologies, products, and solutions in the field of the Internet of Things. Gu Rongxiang, General Manager of Chinastar, and Wei Lifeng, Director of IoT Marketing, received the reception.



       As the Chairman of the Shaanxi IoT Industry Alliance and the main enterprise of the Shaanxi IoT industry chain, Chinastar has accumulated rich experience in IoT technology research and development, application, and solutions. During this exchange event, Mr. Gu and Mr. Wei presented our solutions and independently developed monitoring sensors in the field of smart cities to the Ningbo Internet of Things Association, especially the intelligent manhole cover monitoring system and urban waterlogging monitoring system, which are the core products of our Internet of Things series. Mr. Wei shared with the Ningbo Internet of Things Association the value and benefits they bring in numerous practical application cases.

Intelligent Manhole Cover Supervision System

Urban Waterlogging Supervision System


       Since its establishment in 1996, Chinastar has been focusing on the research of sensors and Internet of Things technology. Our products have won widespread recognition from the market and customers for their advanced technology, stability, and reliability. Through this exchange and visit, Chinastar hopes to deepen cooperation with the Ningbo Internet of Things Association and jointly promote the development and application of animal networking technology. We believe that through communication and cooperation between both parties, we will further promote innovation in animal networking technology and promote the prosperity and development of the Internet of Things industry.