The Secretary of The Provincial Party Committee Presided Over a Symposium, and The General Manager of Chinastar was Invited to Attend
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       On the afternoon of December 18th, at Building 3 of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Yide, Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, presided over a symposium on promoting key industrial chains. Gu Rongxiang, General Manager of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Co., Ltd., was invited to attend.


       The eight representatives of the main units of the industrial chain who were invited to participate in the symposium introduced the main situation of the company and the current situation, existing problems, and development suggestions of each industrial chain.


       As the "main" enterprise in the Shaanxi IoT industry chain, Gu Rongxiang, the General Manager of Xi'an Zhongxing Measurement and Control Co., Ltd., first introduced the company's research and development of original MCS high-end pressure sensor technology with completely independent intellectual property rights; Introduced the company's corporate vision of becoming an influential and innovative company in the global sensor industry, with product exports exceeding 50% for several consecutive years; Secretary Zhao Yide inquired about the application of the company's wireless intelligent manhole cover anomaly sensor in Shaanxi and across the country, and pointed out that this is the real key point and grip of smart cities. Gu Rongxiang, General Manager of Zhongxing Measurement and Control, also introduced the overall situation of the company's "Urban Waterlogging Intelligent Monitoring System", "Smart Environmental Sanitation", "Smart Fire Protection" and other corresponding smart blocks.

       As a representative of the "chain owner" enterprises in the Internet of Things, in order to enhance the rapid development of the Shaanxi Internet of Things industry chain, Gu Rongxiang, the General Manager of Chinastar, proposed: (1) precise external investment promotion and detailed internal support; (2) Supporting the integration of IoT applications and production enterprises within the province; (3) The media should vigorously promote the Xi'an IoT base and Shaanxi IoT enterprises; (4) Finance and taxation should support Shaanxi IoT enterprises, and government funds should support participation in domestic and international IoT exhibitions. Chinastar is determined to seize the momentum of Shaanxi's industrial chain and rapidly enhance the company's comprehensive capabilities, making contributions to the development of Shaanxi's Internet of Things industry.